Surplus Daughters is the self-titled debut album by a folk trio from Bennington College. The group consists of vocalist Magdalen Wulf, guitarist/fiddler/vocalist Amy Anders, and banjoist/guitarist Carling Berkhout.



Apartment Recordings was recorded in a New York City apartment on 34th Street. It is an EP I wrote in a month and a half. The songs were all written on the backs of receipts and they're filled with city white noise.




Mourning Dove Songs is a collection of bedroom recordings. I wrote these to cope with grief, heartache, and everything in-between. They are far from perfect.




Carling & Will is a self-titled EP of traditional tunes. Along with William Seeders Mosheim, we combined contemporary melodic instrumentation with an old-time sound.




Back Porch Mountain Music was recorded on rooftops, porches, and fields in small town Vermont. These field recordings document solo instrumental banjo and early summer sounds.